Body - boosting skincare with a burst of aromatherapy. Handmade in small batches and enriched with the heart and charm of the Philippines.

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Ang aking mga ugat ay tumatakbo sa Pilipinas

THEMANILAMANGO is an intimate collection of nutrient - rich skinfood bursting with exotic and powerhouse botanicals and the highest quality of pure, aromatherapy grade essential oils. From thoughtful packaging to clean and honest ingredients in every jar, I have created a healthy and purposeful collection of body boosting treats that you and your skin can feel happy about and gush over. Handmade organic goodies are prepared from scratch and with the intention of delivering a mindful approach to self care and overall wellness and every MANILAMANGO product is formulated with fair trade, skin - safe ingredients. Your skinfood is crafted in small batches that contain super concentrated blends and my creative process includes using the minimum amount of ingredients to ensure that you receive and enjoy the maximum benefits of each one. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site. I look forward to hearing from you soon! 🧡

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Stay at home Mama of 4 turned Skincare Mompreneur

Organic skincare has been on my radar since as far back as my early twenties and I've been obsessed with the benefits of Aromatherapy since my previous lifetime. I've always gone for the "higher end" stuff and always felt a certain level of comfort in knowing that I was purchasing a clean, honest product. If it smelled nice I was completely sold. Now in my final year of my thirties, I have since discovered that clean and honest advertising doesn't always match up with the actual product. With skincare being so widely accessible and at a wide range of quality and cost it can be incredibly overwhelming to decide which product will make a solid fit for your skin and which products are actually going to provide real, tangible results. After having 4 children my skin was tired, confused and quite frankly, underwhelmed. Products with pretty labels and hefty price tags failed to live up to their claims and after spending years of searching for my perfect skincare mate, I began formulating and crafting my own products and incoprating my undying love of aromatherapy because who doesn't love a good oil blend right?!!! What started off as a single face mask and a few body scrubs for personal use and party favors eventually morphed into a wholehearted passion and full - time hustle. As a stay - at - mother of 4 still trying to find her place in the world I decided to not only develop an affordable skin care line that appealed to women just like myself but to create outstanding products that deliver real life, long - lasting results. THEMANILAMANGO line addresses and focuses on the needs of the everyday woman using whole plant organic oils, antioxidant - rich fruit extracts, therapeutic grade essential oils and raw, unrefined butters. My formulations are simple and straightforward containing less than 10 easily pronounceable ingredients in each glorious jar and based on the premise that quality skincare does not have to carry a larger than life price tag in order to deliver extraordinary results.

 - Chrissy G 


Love love love .... I've always had a hard time finding a face moisturizer that doesn't clog my pores or makes my face oily. The wait is finally over! I absolutely love the way this product makes my face feel. I can't wait to wash my face to be able to use her products.


My skin has NEVER been softer or more hydrated thanks to the product line of this magical brand! It smells like heaven in a bottle!! Christina is a skincare guru and my sun spots (because I’m a mulatto sun bathing chica) have vanished!!! She’s a magician and I’ve found the secret to the best skin and hair! Eat your heart out overpriced full of chemical brands!!!!


This might just be my favorite product so far! Combined with use of the face scrub and moisturizer my skin is so glowy and soft! I need something to make my face feel extra clean after taking care of horses and this tonic delivers.


I've been using the PAKWAN GLOW - Watermelon and Aloe Ultra Hydrating Facial Tonic since Saturday. WOW! This product right here is everything! My skin looks and feels radiant. I can't wait to try out more products! Thank you so much for creating such a healthy and natural line of products.


This is a great product for combination skin. My forehead is always dry and flaky and my nose gets oily with huge pores (TMI?). So I didn’t have the highest hopes when giving this scrub a try because any I have tried in the past are only good for the dry or the greasy, but not both. This watermelon basil magic actually addresses both and by day two my face had an overall smooth, healthy feel to it. About two weeks in now, and my pores on my nose are noticeably smaller. The smell is fresh and gender neutral, which is nice. And just proof of the true all natural ingredients, my son came in and asked me something while I was washing my face. I answered before I had rinsed and some of the scrub got in my mouth. It was delicious. Not “soapy” or medicinal. I’m not recommending it as a snack, as the clay may not be so great for you to ingest, but all natural all the same. I will definately be a return customer!